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John Tracey Welding Testing & Training

John Tracey Welding Limited provide a comprehensive welder testing service for companies and individuals who require performance qualifications in line with International Standards.

All personnel meeting the companys exacting requirements are issued with a unique examination and identity certificate. Test results are made available for endorsement and certification by recognised authorities such as Lloyd Register, D. N. V. and A. O. T. C.

John Tracey Welding Limited training courses are also provided and are structured to give maximum practical benefit to candidates. Instructors, who themselves have experience in worldwide environments and are qualified to ASME. IX and BS ISO15614-2 and welder qualifications to BSEN287 standards to give personal attention to each trainee and thus develop require skills to meet the most exacting requirements in industry.

We can provide CE Marketing testing and training and are a completely independent company with a sound technical awareness of modern quality assurance requirements for international oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Our welding capabilities provide in-depth research from parent material and consumable selection for metallurgical compatibility, to procedural test runs and mechanical testing of welding procedures qualified with charpy testing to -60 degrees.

To date John Tracey Welding Ltd/Special Welding Services have tested over 18,000 welder tests in all Pipe and Plate using inner shield Flux Core, GTAW and SMAW welding processes, for the onshore, offshore industry over the last thirty years.

John Tracey Welding Testing and Training