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John Tracey Welding Gallery
JTW Photos
316L Stainless pipework
36 inch Butt Weld
60 inch butt weld
Alu Joystick Panel
Arc Air gouging - Weymouth (2)
Arc Air Gouging - Weymouth (3)
Arc Air Gouging - Weymouth
Butt weld complete on Pedestal
Buttweld on 3000mm Dia pedestal
Completed weld
Crane Pedestal Butt Weld
Crane Pedestal prior to welding 3000mm dia
Flo-Gas - Raplacing dished end 2800mm dia
Flux Core Welding on Heavy Lift unit
Heavy Aluminium boxes
Lifting Mechanism - Sub sea
men on 36 inch Butt Weld
Preparation for 24 domed end butt
Removal of damaged dished end
Removal of dished End
Repairing Cavitation on 410 stainless water turbines for Cruachan
Replacement Dished end craned into place
Sch 10 Stainless Elbow and reducer spool
Sch 10 Stainless
Scoffold Preperation
Submarine Part
Super Duplex Large pipe
Super Duplex Valve bodies
Super Duplex Welding
The replacement dished end welded inside
Titanium Elbows
Titanium Heat Exchangers
Tree Deployment Assy
Weld and fit-up of  large carbon steel spool piece
Welded RQT after M
Welded Submarine Part
Welding Carbon Steel to stainless steel Valve Bodies